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Plano City Firefighter Challenge Coins

Plano City Fire-Rescue Challenge Coin Openers in shape of fire helmet.

Plano Firefighter Challenge Coins

Created to Honor and Recognize, the Plano Fire-Rescue Custom Challenge Coin Bottle Opener reflects both the patriotic and team work of each member of this Fire Rescue Department. Our Responders Pro Team felt privileged to work on this uniquely Plano, TX Fire-Rescue Coin with its custom coin design of fire helmet in elegantly contrasting black and grey allows the teams logo and insignia really stand out from the crowd. The reverse side of this custom firefighter challenge coin regally, symbolically displays the USA flag and spirit. This great team also often works in coordination with Dallas Fire Rescue (DFR).

Notable Accolades

MISSION: To protect and enhance the quality of life in Plano through a comprehensive program of services directed toward public education, prevention, and control in the areas of fire rescue, medical emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, and disasters.

The Plano Fire-Rescue exemplifies outstanding service to their community on a daily basis and providing a safe city for their citizens. Among the many Notable Accolades for this outstanding team is that since 2001 Plano Fire-Rescue has been accredited and recognized by the Commission on Fire Accreditation, International. Proudly this Fire-Rescue Team is one of the twelve fire departments in Texas to receive this distinction.

In addition, since 1998 Plano Fire-Rescue has had and maintained the distinction of having held Accredited Agency status with the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services. Once again Plano Fire Rescue is one of only twelve EMS (Emergency Services) in Texas to be CAAS accredited and is the ORIGINAL of two EMS fire based service to carry this distinction.

Also in 1988, this outstanding fire-rescue organization has the proud distinction of being the first city in Texas to receive a Class 1 rating in ISO – Insurance Services Office – and has maintained this rating since then. Currently there are only 393 cities nationwide to carry this highest Class 1 rating and Plano stands tall among them.

Not only is Plano Fire-Rescue currently the only agency in Texas to hold these notable accolades, but they are the only agency in the entire country with a population of 250,000 or more that holds all three distinctions. These high exemplary services and work ethics that are continuously analyzed, verified and validated by these agencies signify that the citizens of Plano can relax and know that they are receiving outstanding and professional services. They also ensure that the Fire Department and EMS Services will continue to expand, evolve and improve and continue providing top notch service and protection to their communities.

Custom First Responder Challenge Coins are a must for all front line responders as they highlight and inspire outstanding service and achievements and incredible team building moral and camaraderie. RespondersPro has been working diligently with our firefighters to create quality custom firefighter challenge coins that shine.

Honor Guard

The Honor Guard Ceremonial Unit is a team of professional firefighters dedicated to preserving the Honor and Dignity of every fire service ceremony and tradition. Their Mission is to pay Tribute to all those Firefighters that have lost their lives in the Line of Duty and to those how have passed on following outstanding life careers and serving their communities in the emergency services.

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Plano Texas Police Department Custom Coins

MISSION: Our mission is to provide outstanding police services, in partnership with the community, to maintain a safe environment that contributes to the quality of life.

With years of experience RespondersPro has had the amazing privilege of working with Police Departments across the country. Police Challenge Coins are the perfect way to recognize outstanding achievements, team building, recruitment and commemorations. Being a suburb of the City of Dallas, actions can be synchronized with the Dallas Police Department.

Notable Accolades

CALEA® Accreditation: Since 1992, the Plano Police Department has been notably accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). With its creation in 1979, (CALEA®), is an international accreditation organization that was started to develop a set of recognized law enforcement standards as well as to establish and administer the accreditation process through which all law enforcement agencies could voluntarily demonstrate that their team meet or exceed these professionally recognized criteria for excellence in police management and service.

CALEA® is known as The Gold Standard in Public Safety and its set standards provides law enforcement agencies of all sizes and levels focus and direction with specific and measurable goals that improve the safety of their members as well as the public. Law Enforcement Agencies that participate with CALEA declare their commitment to continuous professional development and their commitment to public safety services.

Outstanding Performance Award: November 2012 this outstanding PD Department was awarded the Accreditation with Excellence Award honoring and designating Plano as an extraordinary example of excellence and outstanding performance in the law enforcement arena.

Our creative and design teams at RespondersPro proudly work with police and sheriff departments to create and manufacture unique, creative and inspiring custom police and sheriff challenge coins that reflect every Department’s individual and professional style.

Plano City Medals & Medallions

City of Excellence

Plano City at night with lights.

Plano City has an active community and provides a wide selection of sports and sports facilities including fields, ice, courses and major spectator events. Football fans can get a behind the scenes view of a popular NFL team at the Dallas Cowboys Football & Texas Stadium.

Soccer fans can venture to the 20,000 seat Pizza Hut Park soccer stadium and those that love basketball can head to American Airlines Center. Still looking for additional sports fun? The Roughriders Baseball, Dallas Stars Hockey and Dallas Sidekicks Soccer, Texas Motor Speedway and the Mesquite Championship Rodeo and Exhibit Hall all create a whole lot of fun for their fans and spectators.

RespondersPro creates quality and outstanding custom medallions and medals for all sports and activities as well as custom coins for your favorite teams. Sports loving cities such as Plano can capture their zest and sports loving enthusiasm in the gorgeous and creatively inspired custom coins.

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Firefighter Challenge Coins Made Easy

Get Ready, Get Set, Buy Challenge Coins no minimum!

Responders Pro proudly works with First Responders in Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue Departments and Fire Stations, City Departments, Universities & Colleges, Schools, Sports Activities and Events, EMT’s and Paramedics, and Corporations across the United States, Canada as well as internationally.

Our always totally custom made Challenge Coins, Patches & Badges, Lapel Pins, Medallions and Belt Buckles perfectly promote recognition of achievements, recruitment, team building and commemorative milestones and events for:

Police Departments

• Sheriff Departments

Firefighter Departments

• EMS Services

Military, Armed Forces, Coast Guard

• Corporate

• Schools and Sports Associations

Our team specialists work with you closely through every stage of the design, provide detailed and complete art proofs, revisions as needed and deliver your unique and outstanding first responder challenge coins, patches & badges, lapel pins and lanyards quickly, promptly and professionally.

Contact us at Responders Pro for your free quote and read about our Special Offer for your Chief, A Wooden Challenge Coin Presentation Wooden Box.

Our Team looks forward to working with you. Logo, Contact Information, Phone Number and Email.


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