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Custom Designed Belt Buckles are a fantastic way to increase camaraderie and teamwork for your Fire Department, Law Enforcement Division, Agency or Organization. manufactures Custom Belt Buckles that are always unique and creative and that highlight your Logo, Insignia and Message and to promote your amazing services and involvement in the greater community. 




The small but mighty belt buckle is no longer considered a basic function or utility but as a distinct and expression of one’s individual style.  The design and manufacturing team at works diligently with you through all of the design and ordering stages to ensure that your creative style, messaging and design positively promotes your outstanding members of every unit, department or agency of First Responders.  Designing a custom belt buckle has never been easier or more affordable.

Custom Firefighter Belt Buckle against a rich black background.



Although generally belt buckles tend to be round, oval or rectangular, RespondersPro custom makes any shape, straight or curved with options of complex cut outs if needed for your style. Add unique elements to your made to order belt buckle such as 2D & optional 3D designs, cut-outs, distinctive shape, metal choices, variety of metal finishes and colors. Many custom police belt buckles and fd belt buckles enjoy additional impact with the addition of the 3D option to create depth and fine details to their buckle.

Our experienced team at works closely with you and gives your project personalized attention to create a unique Belt Buckle to suit your exact requirements and that’s right for you. We are aware of the importance that your custom made belt buckle represents your vision with professionalism. We are always on hand to offer suggestions or advice as needed to make your design an outstanding success.



In a fast paced and ever changing world, First Responders continually face the challenges of their daily efforts with hard work, bravery and professionalism. Your team members will absolutely love receiving a custom belt buckle that instills pride and recognition of their service to their community and country on a daily basis.

Custom made first responder belt buckles are worn for all occasions: for work and in formal and informal social activities. Custom Buckles are an effective, fun and professional method of promoting inclusion, affiliation and recognizing membership. RespondersPro takes pride in making high quality, durable custom buckles that promote your team and unit in a positive and reflective light as deserved. Wearing custom belt buckles facilitate members to meet and socialize and to feel the camaraderie of belonging to their organization.



Due to the unique nature of Custom Belt Buckles all projects are quoted individually to provide the best value and best options and details. Our Experienced Staff will take great care in helping you create a Distinct and Memorable Belt Buckle. Consider adding coordinated challenge coins and patches and badges as a great way to create a powerful and consistent message in your community.

Pricing is based on every individual belt buckle design to provide the best pricing and options for each of our unique clients.

Our Experienced and Talented Staff take great care and pride in helping you create a Distinct and Memorable Belt Buckle. 



Creating unique and distinct belt buckles is no longer considered only as western fashion attire. RespondersPro creates fabulous custom law enforcement belt buckles for all levels of Police, Sheriff and Security departments and divisions.  In addition all fire departments have embraced this symbol of teamwork and team building.  Our team of designers enjoy working on the wide variety of custom fire department belt buckles.



If you can imagine it, our team will make it!

We look forward to working with you.


What is the Pantone Color Match System (PMS)?

In the Beginning......

We all reach in our closets and choose from a wide variety of belt styles and interesting and decorative belt buckles as part of our daily routine.  We can select a belt buckle to go with a particular outfit and style or our favorite buckle, yet for the majority of us we never stop to think about how the origins of the humble yet important belt buckle.

Historians know that belt buckles have been around in some format and function for hundreds or even thousands of years. But as most stories go, there is often a debate as to its exact dates and origins, but here goes.  Belt buckles go back at least as far as the Iron Age due to a historic finding of a gold ‘great buckle’ found interred at Sutton Hoo.

The first buckles had a military function and application. Roman soldiers used buckles to keep a soldier’s sword or to fasten a tunic. These buckles were primarily made out of iron and made in the simple shape of a D or square shaped. With the passing of time the design and materials for these buckles became more varied, intricate and ornate. 

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