Custom Military Challenge Coins

Military Challenge Coins have a long standing and honorable tradition in all branches of the military.  Whether serving in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guards, Military Challenge Coins remain a valued symbol of membership, inclusion, friendship and camaraderie, special accomplishments and of selfless service to country. 

Custom Military Coins
Military Challenge Coin
Custom Military Challenge Coins

Honoring Those Who Serve Their Country

Since WWI Custom Military Challenge Coins have been an integral part of the military life and have grown into a sought after symbol of recognition for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team at is proud to work with all areas of our Military to design and manufacture unique, quality and gorgeous challenge coins that honor and recognize the outstanding integrity, strength and dedication for all of our brave men and women who serve their country.  

Military Challenge Coins

Partner with is proud to partner with all branches of the Military & Military Personnel. Our skilled and talented team have many years of expertise and work very hard to bring your vision to reality.  Each of our custom challenge coins are designed and created to honor and celebrate the high achievements of our strong men and women who are dedicated and bravely serve their country.

Creating Custom Designs with Our Team

At our Custom Military Challenge Coins are designed and fabricated in a diverse range of styles, custom shapes, custom sizes, 2D & 3D molds, custom cuts and custom color choices so as to be as unique as your branch and division.

Custom Military Challenge Coins in 3 Easy Design Steps

We also offer a vast array of additional options such as 2D & 3D, coin edging, any size or shape as needed, plating and packaging that ensures your end result has the wow factor.  Contact us to begin your Custom Coin.

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Custom Military Challenge Coins