Custom Patches & Badges



Patches and Badges are the oldest form of Military and First Responder Recognition.  Each Agency, Bureau or Department can be identified by its unique patch, making recognition simple and effective.  Whether you are Law Enforcement, Fire, Military or EMS, can help you design or reproduce the highest quality patches and badges.  

Designs are available in woven or embroidered formats depending on use and design.  We offer Iron on Backings, Adhesive Backings and Velcro Backing to fit your every need.  Just ask and our experienced staff will be pleased to help with any requirements you may have. 

Also continue branding with coordinating Challenge Coins with your Patches & Badges.

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Custom Patches & Badges - Pricing & Details

SIZE             50              100             250             500            1000           2500

2.00"           $2.50          $1.45          $0.90          $0.85          $0.80          $0.65       

2.50"           $3.00          $1.75          $1.30          $1.00          $0.90          $0.80 

3.00"           $3.85          $2.05          $1.55          $1.25          $1.00          $0.95

3.50"           $4.45          $2.55          $1.75          $1.40          $1.20          $1.05

4.00"           $5.40          $3.35          $1.95          $1.50          $1.40          $1.20

4.50"           $6.00          $3.60          $2.25          $1.85          $1.65          $1.40

5.00"           $6.25          $3.65          $2.20          $2.00          $1.80          $1.55

Additional Sizes are Always Available upon Request.

Patch Backing not included in Price.          

Manufacturing Process:

Embroidered Patches and Badges offer a traditional texture and raised look and feel, which is achieved by densely stitching thicker threads onto a twill fabric backing.  Ideally suited with simple designs. Custom Embroidered patches offer the best quality at reasonable prices.


Woven Patches and Badges have a smooth, flat surface.  Your design is woven into it with fine threads and are ideal for accurately reproducing fine details and text.  Each Patch can have as many as eight thread colors and backing options range from plain backed (standard sew-on) to iron-on, self-adhesive or Velcro.  Woven patches are quoted on an individual order basis.

Price Includes:

All Set-up Charges and Non-Metallic Threads.  Patch Backings are not included.

Patch Backings are priced separately.

Standard Production:

Standard Production 21 Days.

Standard Packaging:

Individual Polybag.

Other Available Options:

Metallic Threads, Backings - Iron On, Adhesive, Velcro.

Woven Patches are quoted on an individual order basis.

Other Sizes are available upon request.

Additional Charges may apply for any other options.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Backing for Custom Patches:

Sew On - Our Standard:  with no backing, keeps patches and badges flexible and best for sewing onto fabrics that have a lot of movement.  This is the best option for uniforms.

Iron On - Iron on Patches are quick and easy to apply.

Velcro - Patches & Badges can be removed and replaced anytime with different designs.

Adhesive - Badges & Patches can be removed anytime, great for short term use.