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Packaging for Coins always ships your unique Custom Challenge Coin in a clear PVC Coin Sleeve and never a poly bag, we know that there are some special events and coin designs that call for some eye-catching and special packaging solutions. Some of our additional packaging options are: Acrylic Capsule, Custom Plastic Case, Velvet Pouch, Velvet Box and Leatherette Box.

Custom made wooden coin display boxes are also available. also can produce custom printed material to accompany your purchase.

Packaging for Custom Challenge Coins

PVC Coin Sleeve 


Our standard packaging for our custom challenge coins is a clear PVC Coin Sleeve as it keeps your custom safe when being shipped and is an added touch for when presenting your unique custom coin.​


Acrylic Coin Capsule


Our clear acrylic capsules is a wonderful solution to both protecting your unique coin creation and showcases all of the details and designs on each side of your custom coin simultaneously. 

Velvet Pouch


Our special Black, Red, Blue or Green Velvet Pouches with drawstrings offer a classic and appreciated upgrade to your presentation ceremony with their soft, smooth and elegant touch and feel.

Plastic Display Box


Our custom Plastic Coin Cases add an additional touch of elegance to your coin presentation. All of your special coin design details are showcased immediately through the clear plastic top and your custom coin and highlighted against the black interior. There is finger groove that easily allows your coin to be removed and replaced after viewing.

Velvet Display Box 


For those Special Events and Custom Coins our Velvet Presentation Boxes add an elegance to your ceremonies.  These purpose built boxes enhance the presentation of your special Challenge Coin perfectly. A ribbon is included for easy and quick removal of your coin so that both sides can be admired.

Leatherette Box


For the ultimate packaging upgrade and elegant touch, the design team at designed this amazing Leatherette Presentation Case designed to provide the Wow Factor in your presentation ceremony.  Each case includes custom liner with a finger groove that easily allows each coin to be removed and replaced after viewing. also has the ability to add an imprinted crest, logo or shield to each Presentation Box.

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