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Lapel Pin Clasp Options


When ordering your custom lapel pin, offers a large variety of pin clasp options depending on your requirement. Our team is happy to discuss all of the pin attachment options as well as offer assistance in the design.​ offers a wide selection of standard and custom pin attachment options.

Custom Lapel Pin Clasps

Metal Butterfly Clasp 


One of the most popular pin attachments is the metal Butterfly Clasp or Military Clutch as it is sometimes referred to, and is our standard pin attachment. Opening and closing easily it is also lightweight and matches closely with the pin design.​


Deluxe Flat Top Clasp


The Deluxe Flat Top pin clasp is a favorite upgrade for our custom lapel pins. The locking mechanism is secure and easy to open and close.​

Magnet Clasp


The Magnet  Pin Clasp option offers a high perceived value as your custom lapel pin attaches to clothing without any piercing of garment.

Deluxe Ball Top Clasp


For a sleek, elegant style and added locking security, the Deluxe Ball Top pin attachment works beautifully with your custom lapel pin creations.​

Rubber Clasp  


When looking to provide additional comfort, our rubber clasp pin backings are the perfect solution.  As well as offering a secure closure, the softer, smoother finish provides a touch of comfort especially for those who love to wear their lapel pins in hats. Our rubber clasps are also soft on the nails and a very good fit for lapel pins that are worn frequently.​

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