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Challenge Coins Custom with 3D and 2D

Custom challenge coins are a great way to represent a department, a team or an individual, and bring meaning to a specific activity or achievement. The difference between 2D and 3D custom challenge coins may be confusing to most people. The difference between 2D Challenge Coins and 3D Challenge Coins can be both simple and dramatic.

Pell City Police Challenge Coin in 3D, Benton County Fire Challenge Coin in 2D.

A 2D or 2 dimensional coin has 2 levels just like a penny, nickel, dime or quarter allowing for a crisp clear division between the raised and recessed areas of the coin. The recessed area can then be filled with colorful enamels to create a striking image. A 3D or 3 dimensional coin has the ability to represent multiple levels or layers to allowing for sloped or round edges creating a dramatic effect. This is particularly useful when designing Custom Police Challenge Coins, Custom Firefighter Challenge Coins or Military Coins that reflect the design of each departments unique badge design.

Telling 3D and 2D coins apart is simple, when placed on a table 2D challenge coins will create a neat stack of coins, 3D coins will slide in all directions. Custom Coins can also be produced with 3D on one side and 2D on the other creating signature coins. All options can create distinctive and effective designs with physical characters and weights that will suite your particular needs. Choosing 3D, 2D or both on your custom coin is an important part of the process of designing beautiful and memorable commemorative coins. At we are always here to help with your concept and design.

Five elements to remember when ordering 2D Custom Challenge Coins:

The following factors will help when deciding to order 2D challenge coins.

1. The most basic advantage to a 2D coin is that it is almost always faster and less expensive. With the simpler design process it is easier and more time and cost efficient to proof, produce and deliver than a 3D coin. 3D artwork and production is more time consuming and therefore more expensive to develop.

2. Raised and recessed areas of a 2D coin offer a distinct contrast which makes the color separation process more vibrant when using flags, ranks, logos and other color elements in your unique design.

3. Smaller and thinner coins can be produced using the 2D method, which can save in costs and allow for a wider distribution within in the organization or department. This is especially true with 1.5” and smaller custom coins.

4. 2D allows for the maximum impact for Shiny Gold, Shiny Silver or Shiny Bronze finishes giving a clear and clean look while enhancing the coin’s details.

5. Currently the most common type of challenge coin is 2D because of its cost efficiency and effectiveness. For most applications 2D gets the job done in a complete and professional manner.

Five elements to remember when ordering 3D Custom Challenge Coins:

The following factors will help when deciding to order 3D challenge coins.

1. Creating a unique 3D Challenge Coin is often worth a little extra time and cost. While the coin is more complex than 2D it is also more detailed and desirable. Complex and complicated designs are better suited to 3D as this method brings out the finer details demanded by some designs. The ability to replicate curves and angles is often necessary to bring Military, Police, Fire and EMS coins to life.

2. 3D coins better offer the ability to better capture the dimensional design, shape and edges that cannot be reproduced with a traditional 2D designed coin.

3. At we are experts at adding color to 3D challenge coins a process that others are unwilling or unable to produce. We are here to work with you to create that something special.

4. The ability to create rounded angles and edges produces magnifies the clarity of design that enhances shiny or antique finishes adding something special to your coin. The multilayers and texture in 3D custom challenge coins will make the appearance sharper and more vivid.

5. When your challenge coin includes design detail such as mountains, buildings or unique shapes 3D allows for you to take advantage of the complete spectrum of color, design, texture and creativity in creating the most memorable of keepsake items.

3D and 2D on the same Challenge Coin:

Sometimes the perfect answer is a compromise, by using 3D on one side of the coin and 2D on the other side of the coin. This is often the best of both worlds, as it offers the impact of 3D on one side and the practicality of 2D on this other. This arrangement has produced some of the most memorable and collectable Custom Challenge Coins that we have ever produced. We will help you choose the option that works best for you offering the greatest value and impact for your organization, department, agency or service.

Please remember that we are here to help your create the custom made challenge coins that will make you are your department shine. Before the production process begins we will provide you a digital proof and we will produce the artwork with as many revisions as necessary to ensure that your custom made coin is exactly what you want and need. At we have the experience, talent and desire to work with you through the entire process from start to finish, from design to delivery.

Remember when looking to buy custom challenge coins, is here specifically for:

Police Services, Sheriff’s Departments, Fire Departments, Correctional Services, EMS Services, Military, Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard and other organizations.

"You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind."

— Dale Carnegie

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Challenge Coins - Custom Made Easy with RespondersPro Inc.

Get Ready, Get Set, to Buy Challenge Coins!

Responders Pro proudly works with First Responders in Law Enforcement, Fire Departments and Fire Stations, City Departments, Universities & Colleges, Schools, Sports Activities and Events, EMT’s and Paramedics, and Corporations in every state in the USA, throughout Canada and Internationally.

Our always totally custom made Challenge Coins are suited perfectly to recognition, recruitment, team building and commemorative events and milestone. Our team at RespondersPro is pleased to provided Our Special Offer for this unique Presentation Display Coin Wooden Box for your Chief.

Our team at RespondersPro proudly designs and creates custom made coins, custom medallions & medals, custom lapel pins, custom belt buckles for:

· Police Departments

· Law Enforcement Agencies

· Firefighter & Fire-Rescue Departments

· Sheriff Departments

· EMS Departments

· All Military, Armed Forces, Coast Guard

· Corporations, Non-Profits and Fundraising Agencies

· All Schools, Universities & Colleges

· Sports Teams & Associations, Sport Activities & Tournaments

Please contact our specialist team at Responders Pro to get started with your inspiring and affordable custom challenge coins. We look forward to working with you to celebrate your outstanding achievements when you buy your Custom Challenge Coins no minimum and Custom Patches. Contact Information, Phone Number, Email and logo.

Author: Sinclair Williams

Sinclair Williams continues to work on the definitive novel of the generation all while coping with the struggles of everyday life. As he is always looking for new ideas for blogs and if you want to see your special Custom Challenge Coin in print please feel free to contact Sinclair.


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