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Custom Challenge Coins build Camaraderie

How to Build Teamwork Among Law Enforcement Officers with Custom Challenge Coins

If team camaraderie and team building is essential in the streamlined operations of a business, imagine how critical it is in law enforcement. Given the life-or-death nature of the work, police rely on each other to have their back. When they confront danger right on the face, police have nowhere to turn to but to each other. They have to trust that everyone got everyone’s back out there. Otherwise, it will be chaos all around.

Most departments will organize team-building activities for police officers to get to know each other and, at the same time, build rapport and camaraderie. This is why it’s important to highlight teamwork among police officers. They need to learn to trust each other. Yes, even rookie members of the team. Experienced law enforcement officers will find themselves entrusting their lives to rookies at some point.

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Formal and Informal Activities

Police departments often organize activities and events to upskill the officers. These activities help build camaraderie among them. Usually, the officers are given custom police challenge coins to commemorate the tasks they have completed, whether individually or as a team. These police coins serve as a reminder that they did well in their tasks. They also help bring everyone together to work harmoniously in the future.

But formal activities are not the only critical team-building events for police officers. They need informal ones, too, such as spending time outside the precinct. Superior officers should make time for the junior officers and rookies. Grabbing a beer post-duty shouldn’t be something law enforcement officers do merely for fun. It’s a way to decompress from the stress of their actual work and, in a way, improve camaraderie and build lasting friendships.

Instill Confidence Among Team Members

Some team members, especially junior officers and rookies, need a boost of confidence and morale. Superiors need to conduct activities, seminars, and programs to instill leadership qualities into these young police officers. They would require experience and a guiding hand to develop these skills.

As always, leadership by example is at the core of a successful police department. True leaders must empower their subordinates not only to follow but also to lead. They must inspire confidence among their people. This only happens when junior officers and rookies in the police force feel that their work is appreciated and their superiors trust their judgment.

Healthy Competition

There are many different types of competition in any agency or office. Police officers compete amongst themselves, too, though these tend to be friendly rivalry. The goal of competition within the department should be to build themselves up and improve their skills. Any police department should always encourage promotions.

But there should also be clear policies on promotions and awards. The police officers need to understand clearly how these promotions and awards can be achieved. Also, the superiors have to level the playing field for everyone. Officers should know the rules so competition won’t get in the way of teamwork.


Rapport is an essential component of law enforcement work. Building teamwork can be both structured and unstructured, but the important thing is for the officers to understand that they should have each other’s backs. On the field, these officers depend on each other in dangerous situations. They often do not have anyone but themselves, so they must have confidence in each other’s judgment.

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