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Commemorative Challenge Coins

Georgia City outline at night with Georgia Prison Wardens' Association Commemorative Coins

Georgia Prison Wardens' Association Commemorative Challenge Coins

The Georgia Prison Wardens Association proudly introduced this gorgeous Custom Commemorative Challenge Coin at the 84th Annual Conference in June.

RespondersPro Inc. was delighted to collaborate with the GPWA team in designing and crafting this stunning Commemorative Challenge Coin to mark this significant milestone designed uniquely for them.

picture of group of custom challenge coins on yellow and blue


Georgia Prison Wardens' Association (GPWA):

A Closer Look


Established in 1939, the Georgia County Prison Wardens' Association (GPWA) is a distinguished non-profit association created to enhance and improve the administration of the prison system in Georgia. Comprised of State, County, as well as Private Prison Wardens, Superintendents, And Monitors.

The mission of the Georgia Prison Wardens' Association (GPWA) is multifaceted, but at its core, it revolves around enriching the professional lives of its members and fostering a high standard of prison management across Georgia.

The GPWA has a steadfast commitment to safeguarding the public and to the education of the public challenges encountered when rehabilitating offenders as well as focusing on deterring crime by emphasizing the imperative role of proper treatment of offenders.

The Georgia Prison Wardens' Association is committed to the education of its employees and their families. One way they demonstrate this valued commitment is through its scholarship program. This program offers financial aid to help both employees and their families obtain higher education degrees.

Over the years, the GPWA has awarded countless scholarships to our dedicated teammates and their family members. These scholarships are made possible through a variety of avenues, including donations to our organization, the purchase of advertising, membership dues, vendor exhibit fees, as well as fundraising events. The upcoming fun and fantastic fundraiser is the Spring 2024 Sporting Clay Shoot In Forsyth. Take a moment to check out the details and add it into your 2024 plans.

Annual Scholarships Awarded by GPWA:

2016 - 35 Scholarships Awarded Worth $52,500

2017 - 36 Scholarships Awarded Worth $54,000

2018 - 33 Scholarships Awarded Worth $49,500

2019 - 31 Scholarships Awarded Worth $46,500

2021 - 31 Scholarships Awarded Worth $46,500

2022 - 31 Scholarships Awarded Worth $46,500

2023 - 31 Scholarships Awarded Worth $46,500

picture of the Georgia State Flag

The GPWA organizes a highly anticipated Summer Training Conference each year, typically held during the first week of June. This conference serves as a valuable platform for networking and exchanging ideas among board members, executive leadership, wardens, superintendents, vendors, and other esteemed professionals in the corrections field.

In addition to facilitating rewarding connections and new friendships, the conference also pays tribute to retiring leaders and all of the winners of The Annual College Scholarships are announced at the conference.

Make note that the next GPWA 85th Annual Conference is June 2-5, 2024 in Buford, GA.


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RespondersPro Inc.

Semper Incedendo

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