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Custom Challenge Coins Syracuse New York

Fire Rescue Challenge Coins at FIRE 2023 Expo

Custom Firefighter Challenge Coin set against the skyline of Syracuse, NY

Custom FIRE-RESCUE Challenge Coins

Our team enjoyed their time at the 117th Annual FIRE 2023 Expo in Syracuse, NY in June and was delighted with the high degree of enthusiasm and interest from attendees. It was a great opportunity for RespondersPro to display our Timeless Quality Custom Fire Rescue and EMS Challenge Coins, Custom Patches and Badges, as well as meeting with attendees.

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The NYSAFC Conference & FIRE Expo has a rich history of being the cornerstone for Fire and Emergency Service Professionals. Since its inception in 1904, this Conference and Fire Expo has been dedicated to providing comprehensive education and training, showcasing the latest innovations in equipment and technology, and fostering friendships and networking opportunities.

Over the years, it has grown in both scale and reputation, and is recognized as the Premier Fire Industry, Rescue, and EMS Expo in the Northeast, attracting a wide range of attendees from fire department personnel to industry leaders from across the country.

Collage of Photos from the Fire Conference and Expo 2023 in Syracuse, NY

The NYSAFC Conference & FIRE Expo's enduring Tradition of Excellence reflects its commitment to supporting the growth and development of fire and emergency services throughout New York State.

The NYSAFC provides a trusted platform and resource for all Emergency Services Personnel. It provides timely solutions for a wide range of topics, including administration, education, training, research, firefighting, public relations, fire protection, equipment, personnel management, and legislation. With its comprehensive resources, they aim to make Fire Emergency Services easier and more efficient, ensuring the safety and well-being of its members and communities.

Several Custom Firefighter and Fire-Rescue Challenge Coins from

That's a Wrap!

What an amazing and fantastic experience it was to exhibit at the 36th Annual Police Security Expo! The show is without a doubt continues to live up to the reputation this show has earned over the years.

Our team enjoyed meeting all of the dedicated law enforcement and first responder professionals who attended this year's expo and highlighting our Custom Fire Rescue Challenge Coins. We're looking forward to working with law enforcement and first responder agencies that are dedicated to protecting and serving their communities throughout the year. We're looking forward to exhibiting again next year!

Thank you NYSAFC would like to thank everyone at the FIRE 2023 Expo for their wonderful efforts in making it another great show, Syracuse's entertainment and great dining and for all of the Fire, Fire Rescue Industry, and EMS Attendees it was a pleasure meeting you.

Let's do it all again next year 18th Annual FIRE 2024 Expo.

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Throughout the years, we have had the privilege of collaborating with an extensive array of clients. Our remarkable clientele encompasses all branches of Police and Law Enforcement, Fire and Fire Rescue Departments, Universities & Colleges, as well as dedicated EMTs and Paramedics. Incorporating Police and Law Enforcement Challenge Coins is ideal for recognition initiatives, recruitment drives, team bonding events, and special occasions.

Our talented RespondersPro team takes pride in crafting Bespoke Firefighter Challenge Coins, Patches & Badges, Medallions and Medals.

• Sheriff Departments

• EMS Services

• Corporations

• Schools, Universities, Colleges

• Sports Teams & Sport Associations

Please get in touch with our staff for a no-obligation quotation. Our highly trained staff is available at all times to work with you on creating an attractive and long-lasting challenge coin design that recognizes and honors the dedicated efforts of First Responders. looks forward to working with you to create Custom Firefighter Challenge Coins, Medallions, Custom Patches, and Lapel Pins for your outstanding achievements.

We are excited to see you again Next Year at the 118th Annual FIRE 2024 Expo!


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