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Get Noticed in your Community with Custom Belt Buckles!

Every member of your Team will love receiving and wearing your unqiquely designed custom belt buckle. At we work with you to create and design a distinctive and memorable belt buckle that promotes a feeling of camaraderie, inclusion and team building.

Antiqued Silver Custom Belt Buckles on blue jeans.

Custom Belt Buckles

Custom belt buckles are worn for all events – large and small, formal and informal, and keep your Division, Agency and Department visible in your community. We work with you through all of the development stages – from conceptual & creative design elements, detailed art proof to receiving your amazing belt buckle.

Most Belt Buckles are in the “Western Style” that really became popular in the era of Western Cowboy movies. The more modern version made today incorporates a design or logo that relates to a particular organization or department.

Antique Silver or Gold finish can be complemented with soft enamel color fill and even personalized with laser engraving. Besides the traditional oval and rectangular shapes it is also possible to produce an unlimited number of custom shapes and designs.

We specialize in two and three dimensional buckles and work with you to craft the most memorable of items. also uses cutting edge technology with which you can even create Belt Buckles with both Antique Silver and Antique Gold on the same buckle! not only manufactures creative and quality custom Belt Buckles, but also incredible challenge coins, custom patches & badges, custom lanyards, medals & medallions and more for First Responders.

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Custom Belt Buckles Made Easy with RespondersPro Inc.

Get Ready to Design and Order Custom Belt Buckles, no minimum is needed.

With years of experience and expertise behind us, we have been privileged to working with First Responders in all areas of Police and Law Enforcement, City and County Departments, Universities and Colleges, Schools and Sports Teams, EMT’s and Paramedics, Corporations in each state in the United States, throughout Canada and also Internationally. First Responder Challenge Coins are the perfect way in which to promote recognition, recruitment, team building and commemorative events and milestone. proudly designs and creates custom made challenge coins, custom medallions & medals, custom lapel pins, belt buckles for all areas and branches of:

· Law Enforcement Agencies

· Firefighter Departments

· Sheriff Departments

· EMS Services

· Military, Armed Forces, Coast Guard

· Corporations

· Schools, Universities, Colleges

· Sports Teams & Sport Associations

Please contact our team for your free quote. Our specialist team is always on hand to work with you to create a beautiful and lasting challenge coin design that showcases honor, respect and achievements for a lifetime.

We are at the ready to work with you throughout every stage of your Custom Coin, Custom Pin, Custom Patch and Custom Belt Buckle project. Contact Information, Phone Number and Email.


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