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A Little History of Custom Challenge Coins

While some historians will date the introduction of Challenge Coins to Louis XIV’s Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, or Renaissance “Portrait Medals’” in the 15th century and 16th century, or even the Roman Empire (27BC – 476AD), our research has found a more likely history.

Antiqued Bronze Challenge Coin with Liberty engraved.
Custom Coins & Challenge coins

Challenge Coins can accurately be dated back to the WWI when they were given out as Recognition of Accomplishment or as Membership in a particular Regiment or special unit. Challenge Coins are a long enduring tradition that builds and enhances morale, inclusion and camaraderie. This type of reward has created bonds that last a lifetime for the Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines and the Coast Guard.

Presidents of the United States from George H.W Bush on have presented Customized Challenge Coins to commemorate special events and honor distinguished individuals and leaders. Each President, Republican and Democrat has ordered original and unique keepsake coins created during their time in office. Other world leaders have joined in the tradition and it is now a worldwide practice.

Your Challenge Coin is meant to be carried with you, as should you be challenged and not have your coin, then you are buying the drinks. Needless to say your challenge coin should always be with you, just in case! Over time the tradition has expanded from the Military to include Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Paramedics, EMT and other First Responders.

In the 21 Century, Challenge Coins have become a collectable and tradeable item that is often exchanged between departments and individuals. Corporations, Colleges and Universities have also begun to use the challenge coin as a reward or symbol of accomplishment. Regardless of the accomplishment or event being celebrated, Challenge Coins are a reward that is well received and appreciated.

The Design Team at works closely with you to create and design a Custom Challenge Coin that represents your division, department and organization. Each Agency or Department is unique and deserves to be recognized for their genuine efforts and contributions. Over the years has become the go to team for quality, respected, distinct and creative way to reward and recognize the hardest working of all professions. We believe in keeping the Challenge Coin tradition alive and growing, supporting those who keep us safe.

We proudly work with First Responders throughout all of the design and manufacturing phases for our custom challenge coins, custom patches and badges, custom made medallions & medals, custom pins & lanyards for First Responders everywhere.

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Custom Challenge Coins Made Easy

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With years of experience and expertise behind us, we have been privileged to working with First Responders in all branches of Law Enforcement, City Departments, Universities, Schools, EMT’s and Paramedics, Corporations in every state in the USA, throughout Canada and Internationally. Law Enforcement Challenge Coins are suited perfectly to recognition, recruitment, team building and commemorative events and milestone.

Our RespondersPro’s sales and design team are happy to work with you to bring to life your vision of your custom first responder challenge coins, custom medallions & medals, custom lapel pins and belt buckles for all areas of:

· Police Departments & Law Enforcement Agencies

· Every First Responder Organizations & Associations

· Firefighter & Fire-Rescue Departments

· Sheriff Departments

· All EMS Services

· Military, Armed Forces, Coast Guard

· Corporations, Fundraising & Charitable Organizations

· Schools, Universities, Colleges

· Sports Teams & Sport Associations

Please contact our team for your free quote. Our specialist team is always on hand to work with you to create a beautiful and lasting challenge coin design that honors and respects daily heroic daily service as well as all achievements and milestones.

We look forward to working with you to celebrate and recognize all of your successes with totally original and amazing First Responder Custom Challenge Coins, Custom Patches & Badges, Lapel Pins, Medallions and more. Contact Information, Phone Number, Email and logo.


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