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Official Unofficial Challenge Coin Check Rules

Custom Clearwater Police Department Challenge Coins on blue background.

Custom Challenge Coins - Coin Check Rules

Challenge Coins have been around for centuries and have a time honored tradition among members of the military, police officers, and firefighters. They are a unique way for units to identify and challenge each other and help to build unit cohesion and esprit de corps.

The Challenge coins are to be carried at all times and can be used to challenge unit members to prove their identity or worthiness. Unit members who cannot produce their challenge coin when challenged are required to perform a task or forfeit a challenge.

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What is a Coin Check?

A “Coin Check” is made up of both a Challenge and a Response.

Rules and Etiquette of a Challenge Coin Check

The rules and etiquette surrounding a Challenge Coin Check are a time-honored tradition that is very specific and vary depending on the unit's history and tradition.

So it would be in the best interest of each team member to verify the specifics from their own unit or group so that they can successfully initiate or participate in a challenge coin check.

The Challenge Coin Check is a common practice and in order to make the most out of coin checking, it's important to follow the ''official'' coin check rules and how they can be applied in day-to-day situations.

The ''Official Unofficial'' Challenge Coin Rules

There are a few simple rules and etiquette for issuing a challenge coin check.

Note: In order to initiate a “Coin Check” a Challenge and a Response are needed.

Stack of Newberry Township Custom Police Challenge Coins on rich black background.

Challenge Initiated

You can initiate a challenge by either holding your coin in the air or slamming it down on a table or floor and yelling “Coin Check!” or by holding up your challenge coin and saying ''Coin Check!'' Your challenge coin should be visible and your coin check challenge audible.

All other challenge coin holders that have been challenged must then make a response usually in the form of presenting their own coins by slamming them down or by making them visual to the group by holding the coin up.

Challenge coin checks can be issued face to face or hand to hand.

Challenge Accepted

Challenge coins must be presented upon challenge and may not be refused.

Anyone challenged that cannot present their challenge coin is obligated to buy a round of drinks for everyone that had been challenged.

Those challenged are allowed to move no more than 4 paces in order to retrieve their challenge coin. Those most prepared always have their coin on them.

Challenge coins must be visible at all times during a challenge.

Challenge coins may not be loaned or borrowed.

If you have lost or misplaced your challenge coin, you will be penalized for not presenting your coin until your coin is replaced.

Winning The Challenge Coin Check

Any challenge coin holder that was challenged and cannot present their coin must buy a round of drinks (or some other activity that is agreed upon) to everyone, that successfully presented their coin to the group including the challenger.

If everyone included in the coin check challenge can show their challenge coin, the challenger is the one penalized and must buy the round of drinks for all the challenges.

''Accidental'' Challenge Coin Checks

It does happen from time to time that challenge coins get accidentally dropped onto a surface with an audible impact which does make it an official coin check.

If all those challenged can produce their challenge coin, the person that accidentally dropped their challenge coin must honor the rules of the coin check and buy the round of drinks

No Exceptions to the Rules

The challenge coin check rules and etiquette are in play whether you are in uniform or casual dress.

Losing or misplacing your challenge coin does not provide immunity from any challenge coin checks issued

The When and Wheres of a Challenge Coin Check

Be prepared - challenge coin checks can be issued anytime or any place.

These rules and etiquette guidelines are in place to ensure that challenge coins are used fairly and appropriately.

Challenge coins are a great way to improve team morale and cooperation. By ensuring that everyone has their challenge coin with them at all times, you can be sure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal. Challenge Coins also help to promote a sense of camaraderie and teamwork within a unit. When everyone is carrying the same challenge coin, it shows that they are all united behind a common cause.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start issuing challenges to your friends, co-workers, and other units! The next time you're at a bar or restaurant, make sure to hold up your challenge coin and yell "Coin Check!" so that everyone knows that the fun is about to begin.

And who knows, maybe you'll even have the opportunity to participate in an official-unofficial challenge coin check with some of the most elite members of the military, police, and firefighter community. These simple rules will help to ensure that your challenge coin check is a fun and memorable experience for all involved.

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Challenge Coins Made Easy

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