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Pay It Forward with Challenge Coins: How to Show Appreciation to the Local Police Department

It is not often people remember what a thankless job being a police officer is. These modern-day heroes save lives, so there’s no way the government and its people can thank the police and their families enough. Risking your life for others is one thing, but knowing that you’re doing it while your own family may suffer is on a whole other level.

This is why communities get involved in the National Thank a Police Officer Day and National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.). Everyone understands the importance of showing appreciation to police officers, but not nearly everyone knows how to do it in a way that will fully honor them.

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Custom Challenge Coins for Police

Do they have to do something grand for people to realize the role they serve in society? Don’t they prove every day that they are heroes? Why should people wait for them to sacrifice more than they do now to give them custom police challenge coins and plaques? They can do it right now to show their appreciation to police officers.

Communities can have customized coins created for police officers. These custom coins can be a token of appreciation of a grateful community for the work these officers do to ensure their safety. These police challenge coins can even be personalized with the officers’ names.

Make a Donation

Most departments don’t allow their police officers to accept any form of gratuities because these could be considered bribes. However, if you find that the department has a scholarship or memorial fund, make a donation. This is the best way to show your appreciation. The memorial fund is usually for injured officers and families of fallen officers. The scholarships are also awarded to children left behind.

Share Your Story

Social media can sometimes be full of negativity, so why not change the tune? Share positive stories about an encounter with a police officer. Did someone help you? Uplifting stories like a police officer dropping you off at home after partying at night or a police officer taking time to play basketball with kids are inspiring. These stories boost the police’s morale.

Pay for Their Meals

This might not be something people can do all the time. Some police officers can get in trouble if they let others pay for their meals. Most people do not introduce themselves if they want to treat police officers who are, for example, having lunch in a local diner. If they don’t know who paid for the meal, how can that be bribery?

Say Thank You

It can be this simple: saying “thank you” to a police officer. When you pass them by on your way to work or school, tell them you appreciate the work they do. That will make a big difference in their day. You can also send a note of gratitude to the station addressed to a specific police officer who helped you.


People don’t always realize the importance of law enforcement in their lives. Not directly interacting with them doesn’t mean they are irrelevant to you. The reason you can walk the streets at night and sleep soundly on your bed is because of police officers doing their jobs, sacrificing their own time and, sometimes, their lives.

Contact us at to discuss creating Custom Coins, Lapel Pins or Medallions as a Thank You to our amazing First Responders.

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Challenge Coins Made Easy

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