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Pell City Police Challenge Coins


A Department of Excellence

Police Challenge Coins for Pell City Police Department:

These outstanding custom challenge coins created and designed by the Pell City PD and our team at Responders Pro for their Chief of Police, Commanders and Sergeants instill confidence and admiration of the excellent achievements and commitment of the PD team in Pell City. Beautiful and enhancing contrast of black and textured gold as well as the Pell PD blue and textured gold allow 3D Pell PD Shield to shine. The Pell City Police are dedicated, committed and professional. These gorgeous police challenge coins declare these powerful and positive attributes of excellence – Courage, Honor, Pride and Integrity.

Pell City Police Car parked outside Pell PD with Custom Pell Police Chief Challenge Coins.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Pell City Police Department is to be a community and service focused organization with a daily moral obligation to protect our department, persons, property and the Gateway to Logan Martin, Pell City, Alabama. We will seek and continuously develop officers who will be leaders, role models, and servants to the community they serve. We will seek to develop a highly trained and prepared professional organization with the ethics, integrity, and dedication to enforce and follow the laws and ordinances as strictly defined by the courts as intended by the framers of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Working with all of the amazing Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue and First Responder Departments and Agencies has been a privilege for RespondersPro. Custom Police Challenge Coins beautifully acknowledges and publicly recognizes the daily efforts of our First Responders that protect and serve their communities both large and small.

Notable Accolades

The Pell City Police Department are highly trained and accredited officers that served and protect their city. They undergo rigorous training and drills for fire arm skills and safety that allows their highly trained officers to protect the lives of their fellow officers as well as safety and security of the members of their community.

The department stands behind real community policing and their officers actively interact and promote community relationship and participate in community programs and events such as Kids and Cops, the Polar Plunge and the National Night Out.

The value of incorporating Custom Police Challenge Coins as part of community policing allows these coins that symbolize dedication, honor, respect, integrity to be presented to team members that show outstanding achievement and initiative as well as presented to members of their community building and strengthening community relationships. RespondersPro is extremely grateful to work with these amazing officers to provide fabulous, awe inspiring, quality police challenge coins.

Pell City, Alabama Firefighter Challenge Coins

Service with Pride

MISSION STATEMENT: Pell City Fire Department is here to protect the lives and property of its residents as well as visitors. The department strives to advance public safety through its fire prevention and educational programs. The ability to deliver these services enables us to make significant contributions to the safety of the citizens of Pell City. We will always be here to answer the call.

Creating custom firefighter challenge coins perfectly recognizes the heroic efforts of the fire-rescue team on a daily basis. Also these custom coins are a great way to positively interact with members of the community and highlight the working philosophy of the fire department.

Our team at Responders Pro has years of design and manufacturing experience behind them and they love the privilege and challenge of creating your Custom FD Coin that showcases what you are all about.

Pell City Custom Challenge Coins

Gateway to Logan Martin Lake

As a mid-sized city on the picturesque shores of Logan Martin Lake (which was created by the Logan Martin Dam construction in 1964) in north central Alabama, approximately 300 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico Pell City has a lot to offer both as a place to live but also as a tourist destination. It is situated between Birmingham and Atlanta and happens to be the largest city in the St. Clair County, Alabama. Pell City was founded in 1890 railroad investors and named after the prominent George H. Pell of the Pell City Iron and Land Company, one of the financial investment backers.

Pell City is well known for their Historic Places, Buildings and Homes which are lovely gems located in all of the three historic districts of Old Pell City Historic District, Pell City Downtown and the Avondale Mill Historic District. Visiting these historic areas is like a wonderful time journey, strolling back through time. Every historic place has their own unique story to tell and adds character as well as blending together with the friendly and social vibes of the local shops, clothing boutiques, antiques, local artists and craftspeople, antiques and amazing cuisine.

Pell City Boats on water at sunset.

Fun and Interesting activities include:

· Historic Downtown Pell City

· Hometown Block Party

· Artscapes Festival

· Fishing at Catfish Rodeo

· Fourth of July Fireworks

· Christmas Parade

· Lakeside Park

· Logan Martin Lake

· Pell City Sports Complex

· Pell City Public Library

· CEPA – The Pell City Center for Education and Performing Arts

· Talladega Superspeedway

· Talladega National Forest

· Coosa Queen Riverboat Cruise

· Desoto Caverns

· Treetop Family Adventure

· International Motorsports Hall of Fame

· Train Escape

· Bryant Vineyard

RespondersPro works not only with First Responder Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies but also with City Councils, Sports Teams and Sporting Events as well as Schools, Universities and Colleges to design and create your own unique custom coins, lapel pins, medals and medallions, belt buckles, patches and badges that showcase your strengths.

Police Challenge Coins Made Easy with RespondersPro Inc.

Our Design Team is here when you are ready to Buy Challenge Coins!

Our team at RespondersPro is pleased to work with First Responders in every state across the USA, in Canada as well as internationally. We are pleased to partner with our clients to design and create powerful and inspirational custom challenge coins, medals & medallions, patches & badges, lapel pins, belt buckles for:

· Sheriff Departments

· EMS Services

· Military, Armed Forces, National Guard, Coast Guard

· Corporations

· Fundraising Organizations

· Schools, Colleges and Universities

· Sports Teams and Associations

Contact RespondersPro with your ideas, designs, artwork and details about your project and receive your free quote as well as check out our Special Offer for your Chief's Presentation Display Box.

We look forward to partnering with you. Logo, Contact Information, Phone Number and Email.


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