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Police Challenge Coins Jacksonville State University

Jacksonville State University Police Department Challenge Coins.

The Jacksonville PD has out done themselves with this intricate and awe inspiring custom police challenge coin. working with the JSU PD created this gorgeous 3D Police Shield against the deep colors and patriotic flag. This custom police coin 3D design with gold and silver of the police shield stand out and shine. The reverse side with the golden Lady of Liberty radiates *Liberty – Equality* - Justice that is in intricately interwoven with their philosophy and professional day to day activities of Serving and Protecting their community.

JSU Police Challenge Coins against background of University Building in springtime.


"The department’s mission is to provide service and protection for the JSU community, prevent crime, enforce the law, and safeguard the constitutional guarantees of all.

The department provides support and services for academic and administrative staff, faculty, students, and JSU visitors. The department strives to ensure all faculty, staff, students, and guests are free from criminal, potentially criminal, or otherwise disturbing or threatening behavior that would prevent or discourage a safe and efficient work and study environment. The department is dedicated to ensuring that any police service required for faculty, staff, students, and visitors is provided as expediently and professionally as possible."

RespondersPro is dedicated to partnering with all Law Enforcement Departments and Agencies to provide Exceptional Quality, Creative and Inspiring Custom Police Challenge Coins, with our Special Offer of A Chief's Challenge Coin Presentation Wooden Display Box, Patches & Badges, Lapel Pins, Belt Buckles and more to Honor, Respect and Recognize the selfless daily duties and actions to serve and protect their communities.

Front Exterior of Jacksonville State University Department on a sunny day.

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Jacksonville Alabama Fire Department Coins

MISSION: The Jacksonville Fire Department is committed to provide excellence in our delivery of fire protection, emergency medical and rescue services to our community. We will achieve this through competence, courage and compassion.

Our team at RespondersPro works with Fire Departments and Fire-Rescue Services across the country. Creating Custom Firefighter Challenge Coins perfectly recognizes and honors the outstanding feats of bravery of the men and women that make up the ranks in all Fire Fighting Departments and Agencies.

JSU – Challenging Minds, Changing Lives

JSU University Campus on sunny day.

Located in the Appalachian foothills almost midway between Birmingham and Atlanta, Jacksonville State University has grown from its modest and humble beginnings in 1883, into an outstanding university offering study programs in six academic schools leading to Bachelor’s, Master’s, Education Specialist, and Doctorate Degrees in addition providing to the certificate programs and continuing education opportunities. JSU is dedicated to delivering exceptional academic programs and services that prepare their graduates for meaningful careers and to be active, productive, responsible citizens and leaders.

University Recognition & Accolades

  • Tied for No. 38 among Top Public Schools in the South by US News & World Report (2022)

  • Tied for No. 77 among Best Regional Universities in the South by US News & World Report (2022)

  • Ranked No. 91 in the South among Top Performers on Social Mobility by US News & World Report (2022)

  • Ranked No. 8 among “Best Colleges in Alabama” by for (2022)

  • Ranked No. 10 in "Best Colleges in Alabama" Out of All Public and Private Colleges and Universities by (2021)

  • Ranked No. 21 in "Most Affordable Master's Degree Programs" by (2021)

  • Ranked No. 50 in "Best Master's Degree Programs" by (2021)

  • Ranked No. 62 in the "Best Regional Universities" by US News & World Report (2020)

  • Ranked No. 27 in the "Top Public Schools Among Regional Universities in the South" by US News & World Report (2020)

  • Ranked No. 80 in the "Top Performers on Social Mobility Among Regional Universities in the South" by US News & World Report (2020)

  • Ranked No. 7 in the "Best Online Colleges in Alabama" by (2020)

  • Ranked No. 107 in the "Best Colleges for Veterans" by College Consensus (2019)

  • Ranked No. 6 in the "Best Online Colleges in Alabama" by College Consensus (2019)

  • Ranked No. 172 in the "Best Public Colleges and Universities" by College Consensus (2019)

  • Ranked No. 62 in the "Best Regional Universities: South" by College Consensus (2019)

  • Ranked No. 13 in the "Best Colleges and Universities in Alabama" by College Consensus (2019)

  • Ranked No. 14 in the "Most Affordable Online Master's Degrees" by (2019)

  • Ranked No. 25 in the "Most Affordable Online Graduate Programs" by (2019)

  • Ranked No. 7 in the "Top Public Universities in Alabama" by (2019)

  • Named in the "Best Value Schools in Alabama" by (2019)

  • Ranked No. 15 in the "Most Affordable Bachelor's Degrees in Alabama" by (2019)

  • Named in the "Best Southern Universities" by College Choice (2018)

  • Ranked No. 8 in the "Best 4-Year Colleges in Alabama" by (2018)

  • Ranked No. 8 in the "Alabama's Top Affordable Online Colleges" by

  • (2018)

Best Collages

Jacksonville City, AL Medals & Medallions

Jacksonville City, AL located in Calhoun County is an amazing city to live in, go to university or as a vacation destination. Jacksonville has invigorating outdoor activities, amazing cultural sights and museums, Southern hospitality and outstanding cuisine all at its doorstep. If you are looking for speed and excitement, spend some time at the Talladega Superspeedway which has worldwide recognition as being the fastest and most competitive motorsports venue.

• Cheaha State Park

• Choccolocco Park

• Chief Ladiga Trail

• Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail

• Dugger Mountain National Wilderness Area

• Iron Legs Trail

• Pinhoti Hiking Trail

• Talladega Superspeedway

• International Motorsports Hall of Fame and Museum

RespondersPro knows that quality and creative Custom medals and medallions promote recognition and builds team spirit and camaraderie. They are look fabulous in all presentation ceremonies, graduations and gala events. We also create and design custom lapel pins and custom challenge coins for all of these amazing educational institutions that are steep with tradition, recognition and excellence. Our team at RespondersPro takes pride in providing these treasured awards.

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Challenge Coins Made Easy with RespondersPro Inc.

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We take pride in designing and creating custom challenge coins no minimum, lapel pins, patches & badges, belt buckles and more for our outstanding men and women in the:

• Law Enforcement Agencies

• Sheriff Offices & Departments

• EMS Services

• Military, Air Force, Armed Forces, Navy, Coast Guard

• Corporations, Non-Profits, Charities

• Universities, Schools, Sports Teams & Associations

We are always on-hand to work with you every step of your custom challenge coin and custom project journey. Responders Pro provides a wealth of talent and experience that ensures your custom coin is perfectly awe inspiring. We provide detailed art proofs, revisions if needed and prompt and professional service.

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