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Police Security Expo 2022 Custom Challenge Coins


Our Show Special Offer is 10% Free Product on your Order. For example when ordering Quantity 1,000 Challenge Coins, you will receive an additional 100 (10%) challenge coins at no additional charge.

Not only will be exhibiting (booth #1045) at the 36th Annual Police Security Expo in Atlantic City NJ, 28-29 June, we have designed a unique Challenge Coin – Bottle Opener exclusively for this event. Only 200 of the collector’s item will be given out each day to the first attendees of this amazing gathering being held at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

Attendance is limited to individuals employed and certified with a Police and Security organization and identification is required to enter the show floor. Attendance is free to Law Enforcement and Security officials.

Police Security Expo Logo, Show Floor and Show Dates.

The New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police is hosting the Expo and registration is available at and preregistration is advised. will be showing samples of Custom Police Challenge Coins, Sheriff Challenge Coins and First Responder Challenge Coins that display the styles and value of these collectable items. Also on display will be Custom Police Badges, Embroidered Police Badges and Patches, Police Lapel Pins, Lanyards and Medallions for all occasions.

As an added bonus, this year the Police Security Expo will feature a TV/Movie Show Car display including the original Batman TV series car, Scooby-Doo “Mystery Machine Van”, Dracula Munster’s Coffin Dragster and the Flintstone’s Flintmobile. Also on display will be a unique and exciting collection of Vintage Police Vehicles. Do not miss this great photo opportunity at the PSE 2022.

Atlantic City Ferris Wheel.

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Custom Firefighter Challenge Coins and Police Custom Coins are the speciality of and are the highest quality and affordable custom challenge coins on the market today. From concept to completion each First Responders Challenge Coin is treated with the attention and respect that our frontline people deserve.

One of the more interesting and creative approaches used recently is the use the same die but to vary the colors of enamel making it look like there are two, three or more different coins for various levels of accomplishment or activities. This can also be achieved by using gold, silver and bronze finishes to create a three level reward system to discern and differentiate member’s accomplishments. These strategies allow for a creative and cost effective use of Custom Challenge Coins as a reward and incentive. has years of experience designing and producing affordable custom challenge coins for large city Police Services, small town Sheriff’s Departments and all sizes and types of security agencies. Included in our pricing are unlimited artwork proofs to make sure that you get exactly what you want, along with all set-up and die charges to that there are never any surprises.

Artwork can be supplied to us in PDF, AI, EPS, JPEG and your best handmade drawing. Your Custom Challenge Coins will be delivered to you in a PVC pouch, never just a plastic bag. At we are with you from concept to completion and all points in between.

Remember to come and meet our friendly staff at the Police Security Expo 2022, June 28 & 29 at the Atlantic City Convention Center or contact our select team of specialists at anytime to start creating your special and affordable custom challenge coins. Please take a moment to preview Our Special Offer of A Coin Presentation Wooden Box for your Chief.

We look forward to working with you to celebrate your outstanding achievements with Custom Challenge Coins no minimum and Custom Patches and Badges.

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Author: Sinclair Williams

Sinclair Williams continues to work on the definitive novel of the generation all while coping with the struggles of everyday life. As he is always looking for new ideas for blogs and if you want to see your special Custom Challenge Coin in print please feel free to contact Sinclair through


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