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Support the PAWS! Custom K9 Police Challenge Coins

Hellam Township PD Custom K9 Police Challenge Coins

Custom Police K9 Challenge Coins Hallem Township Police Department, PA.

Cave Canem – Beware the Dog! These gorgeous Custom Challenge Coins were designed to celebrate and honor the new K9 Unit for Hellam Township PD. The deep, rich colors and deep contours of this amazing custom made coin perfectly reflect the strength of the bond between the K9 handlers and four footed partners.

Major time, training, lots of courage and loyalty goes into these units to produce an incredible level of Policing with K-9 Partners. These bonds of love and courage that bind the K9 Police Officers and K9 partners create unique and effective policing results in the community. We congratulate them on their ongoing dedication and efforts and say: "Cave Canem - Beware the Dog!"

Custom K9 Police Challenge Coin for Hellam Township Police Department.

Police K9 Units Challenge Coins

With over 50,000 police dogs working in valuable and serious policing tasks and K9 units, it is no wonder that they are much loved partners by their K9 handlers as well as by members of the community. Custom Police K9 Challenge Coins are ideal for honoring these outstanding Police & Dog teams as well as for fundraising and promoting awareness and close community relationships.

K-9 is the acronym for canine and can refer either to the dog or the entire dog team or unit. Whenever you see K9 on the side of a police car it means that this car is part of the K9 unit and carries an active, working police service dog.

Training of dog handlers takes one to two years before they are paired with their dog partners. At the beginning of the selection process for suitable dog candidates for K9 units, they must successfully pass the basic obedience training course before they can be considered for a police department. It is absolutely vital that the dog will obey their handler’s commands without hesitation and the K9 handler must be in full control at all times during police operations for successful outcomes and the safety of the officers. All police dogs are highly intelligent, highly trained, and along with their police handlers place their lives on the line on a daily basis to help protect and serve their communities.

This working partnership will usually last for five to ten years before the animal needs to be retired. These human and K9 bonds are deep and meaningful. Successful retired dogs often become the pets of the handler and their family when their active career ends.

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Popular Police Dog Breeds

Traditionally, German Shepherds, Belgian Malamutes and Doberman Pincers have been bred and used as Police dogs. However many agencies have begun using other breeds and crossbreeds for specific tasks. The breed of the police dogs in the K9 units are interwoven into the custom police k9 challenge coins. Some of the most popular dog breeds include:

• German Shepherds

• Belgian Malamutes

• Doberman Pincers

• Dutch Shepherds

• Labrador Retrievers

• Beagle

• English Springer Spaniel

These outstanding breeds are on the selective choice for police dogs because all of these breeds share an impressive working ethic, and their bond and working cooperation with their handlers when working in delicate and dangerous police operations.

Police German Shepherd laying on grass.

In the policing requirements of today, the German shepherd and the Belgian Malinois remain the breed most commonly chosen due to their high energy, incredible intelligence, loyalty and versatility in learning and carrying out a variety of different tasks.

Benefits of K-9 Unit Services:

Substance Detection Dogs, who work for Police, Customs or the Military are highly trained to use their incredible sense of smell to detect illegal drugs, currency, flammables, bombs or explosives.

Apprehension and Officer safety, police attack dogs that work with Police Services and Military branches to find and locate, apprehend and subdue suspects and work diligently to keep their human partners safe.

Tracking and Search and Rescue (SAR) Dogs specialize in using their sense of smell in finding missing, injured or lost people.

A PR Blessing, K9 service dogs are recognized and well loved in the community and they add a fun and special touch to all of the events, celebrations, parades and activities they participate in with their K9 handlers. These amazing dogs are good will ambassadors and help integrate and promote harmony and interaction between the police and the communities within they serve.

As L. Paul Waggoner (PHD) an expert on Police Dogs and leader of the Canine Performance Sciences Program at Auburn University stated to the Homeland Preparedness News , "It is my perspective that detector dogs are a critical component of national security – and they also provide a very visible and proven deterrent to terrorist activities." is pleased to be the custom challenge coin manufacturer for all First Responders with the ability to help create memorable and distinctive Challenge Coins, Medallions, Lapel Pins and more. With over thirty years of experience our team at is ready for any challenges that are thrown our way.

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Challenge Coins Made Easy

One, Two, Three Buy your Custom K9 Challenge Coins. No minimum. has many years of expertise and have had the good fortune to work with our amazing First Responders in all Law Enforcement, Fire and Fire-Rescue Stations, EMT’s, Paramedics and EMS Services. In addition we have been privileged to work closely with Universities, Colleges and Schools, Corporations and Fundraising Organizations and Charities across the Unites States, Canada as well as Globally. Our Custom First Responder Challenge Coins are ideally suited for recognition of achievements, team building & recruitment, commemorative and milestone events.

The RespondersPro team is proud to design custom challenge coins, patches & badges, custom medallions, custom lapel pins, belt buckles for First Responders in:

Police Departments

• Law Enforcement Agencies

• Fire-Rescue / Firefighter Stations

• Sheriff Departments

• EMS Services

Military, Armed Forces, Coast Guard

• Corporations

• Schools, Universities, Colleges

• Sports Teams & Sport Associations

Please get in touch with us to receive your free quote details about our Special Offer – A gorgeous Wooden Chief’s Presentation Coin Wooden Box. Our specialist team is always on hand to work with you to create a beautiful and lasting custom challenge coin design that showcases honor, respect and achievements for a lifetime.

We are very pleased to work with you to celebrate all outstanding achievements with your order of Hellam Custom Challenge Coins and Custom Patches. Contact Information, Phone Number, Email and logo.


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