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What is the Difference between Die Cast vs Die Struck Custom Challenge Coins?

picture with die cast vs die struck challenge coins

Custom Challenge Coins - Die Struck vs Die Cast

When it comes to manufacturing challenge coins, there are two main fabrication processes: Die-Struck and Die-Cast. The majority of challenge coins are made with the die-cast process but when starting your challenge coin buying journey, our fabrication team at knows that it is important to understand the key distinctions between these two processes and the advantages they provide so that you can make an informed decision for your unique challenge coin.

picture of Clearwater PD die cast challenge coin

Die Cast Challenge Coin Definition & Advantages:

Unlike die-struck coins, which are made using a single piece of metal, die-cast coins are created with a metal cast with a smooth and highly detailed coin design. Die-cast coins offer an impressive level of detail that elevates designs and captures intricate features and allows for complex shapes and options.

Once the high-quality cast is completed, molten metal is poured into the mold. The metal quickly hardens and the excess is trimmed away leaving a gorgeous coin.

Die-cast coins can be made from a variety of metals, including zinc, copper, brass, nickel, and steel. This fabrication process allows for greater flexibility in design, as the coins can incorporate multiple pieces of metal, complex shapes, and intricate design elements.

Another important advantage is that die-cast coins are more cost-effective and less expensive to produce than die-struck challenge coins.

picture of a shiny silver die struck challenge coin

Die Struck Challenge Coin Definition & Advantages:

Die Struck challenge coins are created using a process called ‘die striking’. This is an age-old process that involves the use of intricate metal dies to shape metal into the desired design.

The dies used in this process are cut out of hardened steel and designed specifically to create the desired design. During the die-striking process, a single piece of metal is placed under high pressure and struck repeatedly with the dies. This allows the metal to take on the shape, thickness, and detail of the die.

Die-struck fabrication provides superior detail that leaves originality uncompromised. Enjoy the sharp and crisp details while having peace of mind knowing it won't lose its quality!

The Wrap Up

So, which type of challenge coin is right for you? If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option with incredible design options, intricate details, colors, and finishes, die-cast coins may be the way to go.

Or, if you want a higher-quality coin that has a simpler design and will showcase your image with crisp and clear details, die-struck coins are definitely the better choice.

Of course, we here at RespondersPro are happy to help you regardless of which route you decide to take – contact our Design Team today and we’ll get started on creating some amazing custom challenge coins for your organization!

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Up for the Challenge

At we design and create Custom Coins, Custom Patches & Badges, Lapel Pins, Medals, and Belt Buckles for you!

Here at, we have the distinct honor of helping First Responders in Law Enforcement, Police and Security Agencies, EMS, and Fire-Rescue as well as with City & Municipal Departments, Colleges, Schools, and Corporations.

There's no better way to commemorate a milestone, celebrate an event, or recognize law enforcement and First Responders than with Challenge Coins.

  • Police Departments

  • Sheriff Departments

  • Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Firefighter Departments

  • EMS Services

  • Military, Armed Forces, Coast Guard

  • Corporations

  • Schools, Universities, Colleges

  • Sports Teams & Sport Associations

RespondersPro can help you create a one-of-a-kind challenge coin that reflects your department's core values and personality.

To get started on your free quote, please contact our staff. We would be happy to tell you more about our bespoke challenge coins and how we can help you create the perfect coin for your needs.

Tell us your ideas, and our design team will make them a reality! Send sketches, artwork, and emblems and we can turn them into an amazing challenge coin that is one-of-a-kind.

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