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Haynes Knob Fire Department, Somerset, KY

Haynes Knob Fire Department's outstanding Custom Challenge Coins Honors the training, dedication and commitment of their Fire Rescue Team.

Haynes Knob Fire Department, Somerset, KY

In the heart of Somerset, Kentucky, the Haynes Knob Fire Department stands tall as a shining example of dedicated service and community involvement. This admirable team is committed to ensuring the safety of local residents and property, working tirelessly to put out fires and lend support during times of crisis.

The design and symbolism of their Custom Fire Rescue Challenge Coins with firefighter emblem, ax with the striking colors of the flag on the front and firefighter in gold glowing on a black background with the Fireman's Prayer creates a moving honor and tribute to this group of firefighers as they embody a true sense of camaraderie and friendship, making it their mission to be an active and positive presence in their community.

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