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K9 Challenge Coins Hellam Township, PA

Policing with K9 Partners requires immense training, time, courage and loyalty. This Supporting the Paws K9 Challenge Coin celebrates the amazing bond and partnership between K9 Handlers and their partners.

Hellam Township K9 Challenge Coin

What better way to show your appreciation for law enforcement officers and their K9 partners than with a custom challenge coin?

These custom K9 coins are popular among police agencies across the country to express gratitude for the officers and handlers who serve on the front lines, including their amazing, dedicated, and loyal K9 partners.

At we work with incredible K9 police departments to create beautiful challenge coins that honor both officers and their canine partners. The Hellam Township K9 unit chose to design their unique custom coin with a K9 that represents and personifies the special bond between the officer and their dog partner and that helps to promote awareness and recognition in the greater community that supports the paws. READ MORE.

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