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Newberry Twp Police Challenge Coins

The Newberry Township Police Department proudly honors its officers with the prestigious Challenge Coin. This powerful and beautiful symbol exemplifies their commitment to protecting our community.

Newberry Township Police Challenge Coins, York County, PA

The Newberry Township Police Department is a strong and dedicated force and it knows that its focus of Community First is important.


As such, this department reached out to our team at RespondersPro for help designing a bold and striking challenge coin that would properly represent them in recognition of their commitment.


The Newberry Township Police Department asked our team at to design a custom challenge coin that would capture its department's mission and philosophy.


The uniquely bold and dramatic coin features the strong contrast of Silver, Gold of Saint Michael, and the Patron Saint of Law Enforcement, on a beautiful solid black background. On the opposite side of the coin are its shield and emblem and the flag along with the thin blue line.


These challenge coins are a symbol of appreciation for all that these dedicated individuals do on a daily basis to keep us safe.


This department's challenge coin is strong, beautiful, and symbolic of this dedicated police team. The Newberry Township Police Challenge Coin is strong, beautiful, and symbolic, and honors the dedication and commitment of its officers.


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