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Windsor Firefighter Challenge Coin Gainesville, FL

Our team at was honored to work with the outstanding Windsor Fire Department in Gainesville, Florida to create this unique and gorgeous Firefighter Challenge Coins.

Windsor FD - Challenge Coins

Semper Paratus / Always Ready

The Windsor Fire Department (WFD) of Gainesville, FL partnered with the experienced design team at to create a custom firefighter challenge coin that demonstrates their teamwork, energy, and commitment to the community.

Displaying their emblems and colorful designs against a textured black background creates a unique and dramatic custom coin that stands out and gets acknowledged. This fire-rescue organization has been operational for about 48 years. The WFD is made up of a combination of full-time and volunteer members, including firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics.

This hardworking and dedicated team works together harmoniously and effectively for the good of everyone in Gainesville, Florida. READ MORE.

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