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Custom Fire-Rescue Challenge Coins

Phenix City Fire Department Challenge Coins on background of their fire station

Our RespondersPro Inc. team was honored to collaborate with this remarkable team in creating this exquisite custom fire-rescue challenge coin for Phenix City, AL.

This beautifully designed Custom Challenge Coin, features a rich blue hue and a powerful emblem that exudes inspiration.

These Phenix City Fire-Rescue Challenge Coins were designed to embody the unwavering spirit and philosophy of this exceptional department and its dedicated team. The striking contrast of deep blue and radiant white, adorned with a resplendent gold and red Phoenix and Firefighters Prayer, evokes both effectiveness and awe.


Collage of Challenge Coins for First Responders on pale blue and white

Phenix Fire-Rescue Department, AL

Phenix City Fire - Rescue Services, AL is proud to protect and serve their community.

Our mission is simple: to safeguard lives and property. This outstanding Fire-Rescue Team is responsible for not only responding to all fires, but their responsibilities also includes responding to medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, rescue calls, and any incidents involving hazardous materials. Count on us for prompt and professional assistance in any emergency situation.

This Fire Rescue Department started as a volunteer unit until the 1940s when Chief John L. Newsome was the first Fire Chief. Beginning with only six paid firefighters responsible for fighting fires in the entire city, Phenix FD has now grown to about 65 full-time personnel and four fire stations.

Phenix Fire Rescue's Team are highly trained professional firefighting team which is well equipped with modern technology and equipment. They have many initiatives some of which include fire inspection and prevention activities, as well as an impressive and well detailed fire and safety education program. This Fire Rescue Team believes strongly in their commitment to delivering the best service for their community.


Image for Design Help on Greys, Pale blue text

Logo and Full Contact Info for RespondersPro Inc.

RespondersPro Inc.

Choice of First Responders

Over the years, we have had the privilege of collaborating with various Organizations, including Police and Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Rescue, EMS, City Departments, Educational Institutions, and Businesses across the United States.

To honor and celebrate the dedication, service, and daily acts of heroism performed by these remarkable teams, we offer exceptional Challenge Coins for Police, Law Enforcement and Fire-Rescue Departments. Our custom-made and custom designed challenge coins not only serve as a symbol of recognition and honor but also act as a powerful recruitment tool, inspiring others to join.

At RespondersPro Inc. we take immense pride in manufacturing Challenge Coins, Patches & Badges, Belt Buckles and Service Lapel Pins.

We are honored to work with First Responders in all areas of:

At RespondersPro Inc. we are committed to helping you celebrate, honor and recognize your amazing First Responder Team with exceptional and captivating challenge coin designs. Our dedicated team is ready to discuss and assist you in creating custom challenge coins for Police, Fire-Rescue, and EMS Services.



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