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Custom Police Challenge Coins designed for Wrightstown Police Department

Wrightstown Police Department Challenge Coins against their police car

Stepping into the collaborative space with Wrightstown Police Department in Wisconsin was a thrilling venture for RespondesPro Inc. The mission was clear yet profound – to design and birth a police challenge coin that not only symbolizes the valor and unity of the force but also serves as a token of pride for every officer.

RespondersPro Inc. was honored to partner with the Wrightstown Police Department when it was time to design and create their own unique custom Police Challenge Coin. We worked in tandem with the Wrightstown PD Team throughout the creative process to ensure their vision and values were intricately woven into the design.

The partnership was more than just about creating a challenge coin; it was about encapsulating the essence of commitment, courage, and community service that Wrightstown Police Department stands for and which resulted in this boldly finished Challenge Coin.

The Wrightstown Police Challenge Coin features a captivating blend of blues and cool greys set against a backdrop of shiny silver and sandblasted textures. Embellished with a stunning 3D police shield and State Seal, this coin is a true symbol of honor and pride.

Custom Police Challenge Coin on blue

Custom Police Challenge Coins

Wrightstown Police Department

Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Motto

Our Vision:

To be recognized as one of the foremost professional, effective and progressive police departments and become the safest “Village” in Wisconsin.

Our Mission:

Working in partnership with our stakeholders, we will provide an exemplary level of service and protection to residents, businesses and to all those who may visit, work or travel through our community.

Our Motto:

Service, Honor, Integrity

The police department in Wrightstown is on the rise, with a team led by a dedicated Police Chief and supported by three full-time officers. With their new facility, the Wrightstown Police Department is committed to delivering top-tier service that enhances the community's quality of life and safe community.

Beyond policing, the Wrightstown PD continues to build and reinforce strong bonds and community relationships with its residents, neighboring communities, as well as with other law enforcement agencies.

Wrightstown, nestled in Wisconsin, holds rich historical roots. Back in 1833, Hoel S. Wright, a surveyor, laid the foundation for this cozy community by establishing a trading post and ferry service, kickstarting its journey towards becoming a bustling hub. The township, aptly named after Wright in 1854, stands as a testament to his pioneering spirit.

Venture into the Village of Wrightstown, Wisconsin, a vibrant gem straddling Brown and Outagamie Counties, perfectly positioned between Green Bay and Appleton. Embracing the Fox River's embrace and Plum Creek's charm, Wrightstown offers a blend of quaint charm, affordability, and prime location.

Stroll through welcoming residential neighborhoods on both river banks, offering diverse and budget-friendly housing options. Witness the burgeoning commercial hubs on either side of the Fox River, catering to the needs of a thriving community. Experience the warmth and vitality of this picturesque town.

Collage of Custom Challenge Coins for Police, Firefighters

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Semper Incedendo

Get Set, Get Ready to Buy Custom Challenge Coins

For over three decades we have been privileged to partner with organizations, from Police and Law Enforcement Agencies to Fire Rescue, EMS, City Departments, Educational Institutions, and Businesses nationwide.

To pay tribute to their unwavering dedication, service, and daily dedication, we create exceptional Challenge Coins uniquely tailored for Police, Law Enforcement, and Fire-Rescue Departments. Our extraordinary challenge coins symbolize recognition and honor as well as offer a powerful and potent recruitment asset, inspiring others to step up and make a difference.

At RespondersPro Inc., we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing Gold Standard Custom Challenge Coins, Patches, Badges, and Belt Buckles, and Service Lapel Pins. Explore our range of bold and outstanding designed products to honor your service with distinction.

We are privileged to partner with First Responders across all regions:

• Law Enforcement Agencies


• Commemorative Coins

• Schools, Universities, Colleges

• Sports Teams & Sport Associations

At RespondersPro Inc., we are here to assist you in celebrating, honoring, and acknowledging your exceptional First Responder Team with captivating challenge coin designs. Our team of experts is eager to work closely with you to craft your own custom challenge coins.


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