• J.T. Brown

A Little History of Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins can be dated back to the WWI when they were given out as Recognition of Accomplishment or as Membership in a particular Regiment or special unit. Challenge Coins are a long enduring tradition that builds and enhances morale, inclusion and camaraderie.

The Challenge Coin is meant to be carried with you, as should you be challenged and not carrying your coin, then you are buying the drinks. Over time the tradition has expanded from the Military to include Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Paramedics, EMT and other First Responders.

The Design Team at works closely with you to create and design a Custom Challenge Coin that represents your division, department and organization.

We proudly work with First Responders throughout all of the design and manufacturing phases for our custom challenge coins, custom patches and badges, custom made medallions & medals, custom pins & lanyards for First Responders everywhere.

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